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Required Documents for Israel Visa

Israel Visa Types

Contingent upon the justification for why you are applying for a visa to Israel, you have a few visa choices to apply for. The Israeli visa types are as follows:

  • Immigration Visa. This is a visa for people of Jewish roots living abroad, who wish to move and live in Israel. .

  • A/1 Temporary Resident visa. It is yielded to those certified for development (aliya) that have completed the evaluation collaboration with the Aliya illustrative of the Jewish Agency, and whose application has been examined and upheld by the vital/consular specialist at an Israeli mission.

  • A/2 Student visa. Every person who necessities to survey in Israel in simple and auxiliary schools, academic establishments, yeshivot and youth foundations of the Jewish Agency can apply for this visa.

  • A/3 Clergy Visa. You can apply for this visa expecting you are a minister, and you are applying for the wonderful of your managerial commitments among your severe neighborhood Israel, as indicated by the hello of an apparent severe establishment in Israel.

  • A/4 visa for life partners and kids. It is conceded to the life partners and minor offspring of beneficiaries of A/2 or A/3 visas.

  • B/1 Work visa. You can apply for this visa to move to Israel for a restricted period under the motivation behind work.

  • Working Holiday Visa. Just young people from a couple of explicit nations can apply for this visa, to come and work in Israel.

  • B/2 Visitor's visa. Vacationers, guests, finance manager, and understudies in a Hebrew Ulpan can apply for this visa.

  • Official Diplomat/Government Visa. It is permitted to individuals who hold a power government visa as well as will enter Israel on a power government mission.

  • Israel - US Investor Visa. This visa is only as far as we're concerned occupants and awards them to live and work in Israel on a short explanation to supervise and cultivating an endeavor.

Israel Visa Application Process

The application frameworks for a visa to Israel involve a couple of stages that you ought with comply to as shown by the rules. You ought to guarantee that you meet the given guidelines in every movement, to avoid any possibilities to have your visa application dismissed.

Do I Need to Apply for a Visa to Israel?

Whether you truly need to apply for a visa to Israel, everything depends upon your character. Nationals of a couple of world countries are rejected from getting a B/2 Visitor's visa. Check here if you are a public of any of these nations.

Of course, to make an outing to Israel for a few different purposes than those the B/2 Visitor's visa covers, you ought to get the relevant visa.

When to Apply for an Israel Visa?

The recommended time to apply for your Israel visa is 1-2 months before your travel date.

Where to Apply for an Israel Visa?

To get an Israeli visa, you ought to introduce your application at the Israeli government office or division in your country of home. In a couple of countries, Israel has re-appropriated visa admission to outcast visa dealing with focuses.

Expecting such a visa local area yields applications for Israeli visas in your country of home, you should introduce yours there.

Complete the Israel visa application form

Before you go on with various advances, you ought to complete the application structure for a visa to Israel. You can complete the structure in either English or Hebrew. You can notice an application structure here.

You can fill the construction in your PC and subsequently print it, or you can complete it with a pen of another concealing than dim. You ought to respond to requests on your character, name, family name, gatekeepers' finished names, your occupation and your arranged excursion to Israel.

Make sure to adhere a photo to the application structure in the given space, which photo ought to meet the ICAO particulars.

Collect the required documents

You ought to accumulate two or three files as a piece of your application for a part visa to Israel.

The for the most part anticipated that files for a visa should Israel are the reports anticipated from each visa up-and-comer no matter what the justification behind the trip. These files are:

  • Visa application structure. The construction contrasts depending upon the visa you are applying for. Guarantee you download and complete the right one.

  • Two visa size photos. They should have a white foundation and be in size 5.5 cm X 5.5 cm.

  • Your significant ID. Your ID ought to be significant for something like a half year past the arranged range of remain in the Israel district and with something like one clear page to attach the visa.

  • More settled visas. You ought to introduce all global IDs that you hold, including current/old/dropped/passed/extraordinary ID.

  • Flight Booking. You don't need to purchase the tickets like your application is excused, you will lose your money. You essentially need a saved seat out traveling to Israel as a proof of the date you hope to go here.

  • Birth Certificate.

  • Portion of the material charge for the visa type you are applying for.

Next to these documents, you will moreover need to introduce additional ones, associated with the inspiration driving your excursion/the visa type you are applying for. Guarantee you present every single vital report according to the actions set by the relevant Israeli specialists.

Attend the visa interview

Among the principal methods for applying for an Israel visa, is going to the visa interview. Around a similar time, you moreover need to present the files you have gathered.

The visa interview is a get-together with a consular authority, who will present you a couple of requests concerning your arranged trip to Israel, where you will remain and how should you finance your trip. The examiner furthermore presents requests on your experience, for instance in case you are hitched, where have you thought of or where your work, thus on

Pay the fees

You should pay a particular measure of cash for the government office to deal with your application for an Israeli visa. The Israel Visa charges change from €21 to €41, with the exception of the Permanent Residence Visa, which will cost you €167.

To apply for a visa to Israel each visa candidate should pay a specific measure of cash for the visa charge.

The Israeli visa charge is expected from the experts to cover the costs that emerge from the handling of visa applications. The visa costs are non-refundable on the off chance that the candidate chooses to pull out their application, or then again assuming the government office dismisses their visa application.

The Israel visa costs, contingent upon the visa type, are as following:

Type of service Euro Dollar
B/3 Visa 21.00 24.00
Group Visa 21.00 24.00
Group Visa – per person 6.00 7.00
A/3-Clergy Visa 41.00 47.00
A/4-Temporary Visa 41.00 47.00
A/5 Temporary Residence Visa 41.00 47.00
B/2-Visitor Visa 21.00 24.00
Separate Form – B/2 Visa 21.00 24.00
Return Visa 21.00 24.00
B/4-Volunteer Visa 21.00 24.00
B/1-Work Visa 41.00 47.00
Permanent Residence Visa 167.00 191.00
Permanent Residence Visa – per person 20.00 23.00
A/2-Student Visa 41.00 47.00
B/5 Permitted to work – Foreign Investor Rules 180.00 205.00
B/51 Permitted to work – Foreign Investor Rules-Employee 180.00 205.00
B/52 Permitted to work unrestrictedly 180.00 205.00
B/53 Foreign Investor Rules – Child 180.00 205.00

Israel Visa Processing

The Israeli experts require somewhere near five days to manage your application for an Israel visitor entry visa. Of course, dealing with times for work visas can take from 12 to 14 weeks.

Israel “Electronic Gate Pass”

The "Electronic Gate Pass" is a card that you get at the Border Control station when you enter Israel. The card contains bits of knowledge with respect to your inspiration of the journey, date of appearance, as well as a copy of the information page of your identification.

The card replaces the previous system wherein the visas were ventured. If a power assessor or cop requests ID and proof of legal status in Israel, you ought to present this card, so keep it for the most part with you.

Confirmation required

Israel visa competitors from a couple of world countries, a huge part of them from the Arab world, need to require a certification from the public power of Israel preceding getting a traveler visa.

Holders of public and official visas of the going with countries need to get a certification for Israeli traveler visa:

  • Afghanistan

  • Bahrain

  • Egypt

  • Indonesia

  • Iran

  • Iraq

  • Jordan

  • Kuwait

  • Lebanon

  • Libya

  • Malaysia

  • Mauritania

  • Morocco

  • North Korea

  • Oman

  • Pakistan

  • Qatar

  • Russia (only for official passport)

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Somalia

  • Sudan

  • Syria

  • Tunisia

  • United Arab Emirates

*Except for stays up to 14 days if entering through Taba, and visiting up to Beersheba only when visa is not required.

Entry Requirements for Israeli Visa Exempt Travelers

World nationals that can enter Israel without the need of getting a visa as of now will regardless need to present two or three chronicles at the Israel port of area. These chronicles are:

  • A identification legitimate something like a half year on passage with two clear visa pages.

  • Proof of adequate assets, for example bank proclamations, or cash.

  • Proof of forward/return aircraft tickets.

  • Documents showing evidence of direction of trip.

  • A visa for the following objective, if required.

Can I visit Arab countries with an Israeli stamp in my passport?

There are several Arab countries that you can't visit accepting you have an Israel stamp on your distinguishing proof, and there are others that make no issue out of it. These countries are according to the following:

  • Bedouin/Muslim countries that recognize visitors with Israeli ventured travel papers: United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, and Morocco.

  • Middle Easterner/Muslim countries that DO NOT recognize visitors with Israeli ventured distinguishing pieces of proof: Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Yemen.

Can I visit Israel with a stamp of an Arab country in my passport?

To be sure, you can enter Israel whether or not you bear a stamp of one of the Arab countries on your ID. In any case, you should be prepared to answer a lot of requests on your trip to that Arab country.

What is Aliyah for Israel?

The Aliyah is the Israel Law of Return under which is surrendered the relocation visa for individuals of Jewish roots living abroad, who wish to move and live in Israel. The people who are officially different over to Judaism can moreover apply for this visa.


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